Fee Structure

The School tuition fees is payable for the twelve months(monthly/bi-monthly or quarterly as the case might be) and should be paid by 7th of every month.

Fee Structure for 2021-2022

For Class Nur-UKG

Tuition fees (monthly)500
 Annual Fee2,500

For Class 1-4

Tuition fees (monthly)650
Annual Fee2,500

For Class 5 - 8

Tuition fees (monthly)800
Annual Fee2,500

Class 9 - 10

Tuition fees (monthly) 1500
Annual Fee 3,500

For Class 11 -12

Tuition fees (monthly)2500
Annual Fee

Class 11 - 12

Tuition fees(monthly)2500
Annual Fee

Transport fees is charged on monthly basis . Valid for Session 2021-2022

Transport Head

Other Charges